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Neurofeedback is an emerging technology that is gaining worldwide acceptance through continual positive case studies and research. As a practitioner, now is a great time to add this new program to your practice and offer your patients an alternative to medications. Research has shown symptoms that are clinically responsive to neurofeedback can include ADD, Addiction, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, OCD, Traumatic Brain Injury and more! See the research for yourself by clicking the topics on this site. Or you can start here.

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Clinic studies and research dating back 40 years has shown that neurofeedback is effective in helping many types of neurological symptoms. Click here for a comprehensive list and more information.
The Neuromap report are one of the many things that make the Clear Mind System unique. This comprehensive report aloows you to visualize inside your patients brain and determine the underlying symptomology. Click here for a detailed analysis of this important diagnostic tool.


The NeuroIntegration System is a powerful program which my staff can administer. I do the initial consultation, evaluation and training plan along with periodic monitoring. This allows me to offer a unique and cutting edge service that the patient enjoys!
Mikell Parsons
I love this approach to helping my patients. It is safe, noninvasive, cost-effective, holistic and self-empowering. The changes are often permanent, resulting in less medication and a better life.”
Dr. Rayburn