Clear Mind Equipment

Clear Mind System Equipment

The Clear Mind Neurointegration system is a turnkey package, meaning it is designed to be ready to use right out of the box.
Here is a list of the items you will get with your system:

Brand New Laptop Computer


All systems ship with a new laptop with the most current Windows operating system and all Clear Mind software preloaded. The laptop has been tested for quality prior to shipment.

Neurointegrator Amplifier


NeuroIntegratorThis is a 2 Channel EEG amplifier that is battery driven to help eliminate artifact. Newest upgrades include anti-static amplifier chips and RF noise filtration. We are proud to say that our NeuroIntegrator is produced in the USA.

3 Pairs of Photic Glasses


glassesThe system includes blue, green, and yellow photic glasses. The photic glasses contain 4 leds per eye field which are used in conjunction with our qEEG driven protocols to help stimulate the desired brain frequencies.

Neuro-Map Recording Device


Our recording device is used to connect the qEEG Brain cap to the NeuroIntegrator amplifier. It has a mechanical switch design to provide trouble free operation.

qEEG Brain Cap


The electrodes are positioned to the International 10-20 method of electrode placement. Our systems ship with a medium Electro-Cap that will fit approximately 65% of all patients over the age of 5.

Gold Training Leads


Our leads are all handmade, gold plated leads that are produced in the USA.

Unlimited Neuro-Map Reports


Our normative database allows your clinic to upload unlimited maps for the low cost of $249.00 per month. You also gain access to client surveys and the progress tracking system as well as all future software updates.

Staff Training DVD


Informative DVD that can teach anyone in your office the proper steps required to set up and run a training session. Clear Mind Center also provides online training for all system purchases.

Unlimited Free Technical Support


Our technical support is available Monday – Friday
from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Arizona Time).

Headphones, Paste and Conductive Gel


headphones, paste and gel. We only use quality Sennheiser headphones with our systems to provide your clients with the best experience possible. All conductive pastes and gels are included with you system purchase.