The Personal Neurofeedback System For Use At Home

What Is The Personal System?

The NI Personal unit was designed so that patients who have to travel a great distance can continue their Clear Mind Therapy when they return home.
The NI Personal Unit is used in conjunction with a neuro-map and the optimizer protocol to allow your patients to continue their session once they have had to return home. With the NI Personal Unit they can return to your office periodically to be re-mapped and receive new treatment locations.

Training Modes

The NI Personal Unit offers 2 modes of training:

  • Optimizer – Used in conjunction with a brain map. The optimizer mode uses the gold leads and the Photic glasses to normalize brain function. The patient places the gold sensors on the sites designated by their brain map. The signal to dis-entrain the dominant frequency is produced from the NI Personal Unit (No computer is necessary). Patients can listen to music or watch a movie during their training, but there will be no feedback produced by the music or movie. The lights are responsible for the feedback during the disentrainment process.
  • Enhancer – Uses the Photic glasses and the NI Personal unit. The EEG sensors are not needed. The Enhancer is designed to help the brain cycle through all the major component bands. This will help by disrupting unhealthy, stuck brain wave patterns.
Included With This System:
Neurointegrator Personal Device and charger
1 Pair of Photic Glasses your choice of (yellow, blue, green)
Gold Leads and training harness for neurofeedback sessions
User Manual
Conductive Gel and Paste
Cap for locating training sites

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