The Clear Mind Difference

There are many different types of neurofeedback machines available for clinicians. So what makes the Clear Mind Center Neurointegration System different?

Photic Stim Lights

The Clear Mind system uses photic stimulation technology to increase the benefits of neurofeedback. Research has shown that stimulating the brain with pulsing lights during neurofeedback will result in more accurate detection of abnormal brainwave activities. Clear Mind Center is unique in offering this technology with its neurofeedback system.

Ease of Use

Our system is designed to be ready to use right out of the box. Within minutes you can be up and running your first Brain Map. We understand that computers and EEG systems can be complicated. That is why we have developed our system to work with just a few connections. Take a look at our system setup video to see how easily you can be up and running.

Live Technical Assistance and Online Training Aides

Clear Mind Center has a dedicated support team on hand to help you when you get stuck. We also have training videos that walk you step-by-step through each process. These video are available 24 hours a day on our website.

Bi-weekly webinars

These informative webinars are hosted by Dr. Richard Soutar, an expert in the neurofeedback field. Every other Monday he will review peer-submitted brain maps and discuss the results. You can even submit your own reports for his review.

Customized Neuromap Reports

Clear Mind Center is unique in the field of neurofeedback because we offer highly customized neuro-map reports that are tailored to every one of your clients. Many other machines use pre-made protocols for training certain neurological symptoms, leaving you to assess their condition on your own. Clear Mind allows you to map your client’s brain directly and receive a comprehensive report that highlights problem areas in the brain. These reports take the guesswork out of determining your client’s symptomology and allow you to offer a specific and targeted protocol for training the problem areas of their brain.

One Low Price for Unlimited Neuromap Reports

Companies that do offer brain maps often charge a very high price for access to their system. At Clear Mind, we have a low monthly price for generating and outputting your customized Neuromap reports. And the number of reports you may run is unlimited, which allows you to re-evaluate your clients more frequently and maximize your profit potential.

Unlimited Free training for your employees

We offer 2 levels of training that support the Clear Mind System and its implementation to your customers. We also understand that employees come and go. Included with your system purchase is Level 1 training, which will teach you everything your staff needs to know to properly administer Neurointegration Training to your customers. This comprehensive course can be taken in-person or via webinar. Please click here for a detailed list of what is covered in this class.

We also offer the advanced Level 2 training classes for those who want to take their expertise further. This class is an extra cost, but once you take it you may take it again as many times as you like for free.

Marketing Support

Clear Mind Center has an in-house marketing team that can help you promote your business and increase your exposure. Our services include:

  1. Custom web site development using a database driven architecture
  2. Integration of the Clear Mind NeuroIntegration content into your existing website
  3. Monthly website service package that builds your site for you and updates it regularly
  4. Custom brochures to distribution to new and existing clients
  5. Custom postcards for mailing to existing clients or to local residences
  6. Banner displays for your office or for trade shows
  7. Marketing emails that can be sent to your clients


We understand that you are busy and don’t always have the time to devote to implementing and promoting a new service to your customers. That is why Clear Mind Center has made it as easy as possible to get up and running with our system.