Clearmind Neurofeedback Systems Presents

Trauma: The Missing Piece in Functional Medicine
Isolating Patterns of Dysfunction and Increasing Tools for Detoxification

Trauma Release with Somatic Experiencing® & Focus Unit; Photic and Audio Therapy™ Clearmind Levine Trauma Protocol™
Peter A Levine, Pd.D.

Everyone who registers will receive a recording

Online Sunday, May 23rd, 10 AM – 5 PM PDT  (lunch 1 PM – 2 PM)

During this new workshop, Peter A Levine, Ph.D., trauma expert and the developer of Somatic Experiencing (SE™), will demonstrate ways to work with trauma, combining Focus Unit: Photic and Audio Therapy with basic SE principles, while Andreanna Rainville, AKA Nurse Andi, will share detox concepts and support strategies anyone can implement.