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Dr. Jon M. Harmon, DC, CCEP


“The first chiropractor’s motto was “Above down, inside out.” This means that control of the body comes from the brain down and the spine out! To be able to help someone’s brain regulate itself through this system sounds like something right out of Star Wars! But it’s not! It’s real! And that is what makes it so stunning! What a great addition to my practice! I have been able to help my patients in a way not possible before!”

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Why Does Your Practice Need Neurofeedback?
The better question is, why not? Neurofeedback is not a new fad or the “latest thing”. It has been around since the 1960’s and has over 50 years of research and case studies to prove it’s effectiveness.

Why Am I Just Hearing About Neurofeedback Now?
Today’s modern medicine is focused on using medications to treat most conditions. Neurofeedback is an alternative to this approach, and as such it takes time for new ideas and methods to be widely accepted. But neurofeedback is experiencing a large growth cycle right now, and that should only increase as science further determines it’s effectiveness.

But Is It Safe For My Patients?
Absolutely! Neurofeedback is non-invasive, meaning it does not require any surgery or procedures. No drugs are needed to accompany the process either. And the process is fast, only requiring 30 minutes per session. Some patients will see improvement immediately.

What Conditions Will Neurofeedback Help?
The following neurological conditions have been proven to be clinically responsive to neurofeedback:

Anger Management
Bipolar Disorder
Brain Injury
Chronic Pain
Epilepsy / Seizures
Lyme Disease
Memory Loss
OCD / Tourrette’s
Stress / PTSD
Sleep Disorders
Substance Abuse
Alzheimer’s Disease

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How Long Will It Take For Me To Learn The System?
Our system is a turnkey package, meaning that you have everything you need in the box to start offering neurofeedback to your patients immediately. The system is easy enough to be used by your staff safely without any intensive training. In addition, we include a training CD designed to get you up and running quickly. We also have live technical support available to help you when you get stuck.

How much research is there on Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback has been around for over 5 decades. To date there are thousands of studies, with more being published every day. This site has a comprehensive list of studies on neurofeedback for many conditions. You can view them here.

What Is Neurofeedback?


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What Is Brain Mapping?


Learn how to visualize inside your patient’s brain and generate detailed reports instantly.

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Neurofeedback In The News



Lorna, Fibromyalgia

Lorna, Fibromyalgia

I have tried just about everything offered to relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Neurointegration Therapy has been by far the most effective. Not only did it reduce my pain by 95%, but it restored my sunny disposition so that I could actually enjoy life once again. For the first time I was being pulled out of the darkness and into wellness.

Marty, Chronic Fatigue

Marty, Chronic Fatigue

The best thing I’ve experienced with neurofeedback is that I feel like my old self. I was dealing with extreme fatigue, sleeping 14 hours a day. I was physically exhausted. I noticed a change after the FIRST session. I felt the anxiety start to dissipate. I felt the fear start to dissipate. It’s been fantastic. I feel great!

Laurie, Anxiety

Laurie, Anxiety

I used to avoid crowds, loud noises and places where there were people because I feared having a panic attack. Once I started on neurofeedback, I actually felt hope for the first time. It was such a gift to know that I am not losing my mind, and to know that there is a way to retrain the brain to operate on a normal level.